Saturday, June 2, 2012

An evening at 'Legend of Rock'

It was Friday evening and I badly wanted to go somewhere and chill out. Eventually, my friend Tejaswini suggested this absolutely awesome pub named 'Legend of Rock' or 'LOR' in short. Knowing that she was pretty much aware of such places, I promptly agreed to go and so did Shohini, another friend of mine.
Within 5 mins we had shut down our systems and were literally running to board the bus so that we could get to our destination really fast. We reached LOR at 7 pm. The pub is located in Koramangala (close to Sony World Signal), in the city of Bangalore in Karnataka, India. Accessibility is pretty easy, as there are buses and autos plying in this area.

LOR has three levels,with the decibel of music varying in each level. Loudest at the first level. Literally the head-banging kind. A little less loud in the middle level - allowing you to listen and chat at the same time. At the topmost level, the music is more on the background, thus enabling one to enjoy and not scream at each other when talking. We decided to go for this level.
Now the best part...the third level was the rooftop. We could enjoy the view of the city and the music at the same time, not to forget the beautiful weather. We sat at the table next to the railing.

We placed our order. Me being a teetotaler, I ordered a mocktail for myself with a pretty interesting name, 'Safe Sex on the Beach'. It was a mix of orange juice, pineapple juice, bitters and one other thing, which I forgot. While Shohini ordered a 'Long Island', Tejaswini ordered a 'Cosmopolitan' and 'Fuzzy Naval' for herself. Aside the drinks, we also ordered Chicken Lollipop, Onion Rings and an absolutely stunning dish named 'Cheese+Cherry+Pineapple'. I need to mention over here that this was Tejaswini's recommendation...and it was a sure hit. At the end, I also ordered for myself another mocktail named 'Mango Bloom'...well, it is the season of mangoes and couldn't resist myself from trying out something that had a touch of mango in it.
The food is pretty good here and the service is more or less surely justifies the price.

The ambience was amazing...the dimly lit atmosphere, the soft music accentuated by the cool breeze that blew on our face, simply set the mood for an evening of total, unadulterated fun and enjoyment.
What attracted me most to this quaint place was its decor. A blend of simplicity and style, it featured a certain 'urban desi' look.

The three of us spent the entire evening laughing, cracking jokes, acting silly sometimes and of course a little bitching about people.

We finally left the place at around 9:15 pm, happy and satisfied that our Friday evening didn't just pass off.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mumbai - A city, A wonder

On September 2011, I paid a visit to the most popular city of India - yes, the city of Mumbai. The commercial capital, the fashion capital, the city that never can call it by any name you want.

The city featured at the number one position on my bucket list. Years of planning and dreaming finally worked out. It was a short vacation of 4 days. I landed in the city on the day before Ganesh Chaturthi. What caught my breath at first was the marvelous aerial view of the city, its skyscrapers, the vibrant coastline and various other aspects that I got to view as the arircraft gradually descended from the skies.

Sitting by the side of the window, at that moment I wished that by some magic or sorcery, the plane got stuck in the clouds so that I could keep gazing at this marvelous view. Though short lived, yet the view was etched in my heart, never to be wiped out again.

The charm of the city caught my fancies the moment I emerged out of the airport. I could feel the vibrancy in the air. A certain aura of passion, excitement and freedom seem to be wafting in the air. I questioned myself as to whether this was for real or was it just another facet of my overtly profound imagination. Well, it was definitely the latter...confirmed by the fact that such deep emotional entourage faded into oblivion the day I left the city.

It was monsoons in Mumbai at that time. Incessant rains poured through the day and night. But that did not dampen my spirits of exploring the city. Each day was an adventure of sorts. I walked down the busy streets of the city, trying to soak in the life as much as I could.

I went to the bustling area of Goregaon Station. I could see people scrambling and running to get the train that would take them to their destination. Yes, the local train...the lifeblood of the fashion capital, without which the city would come to a standstill. The entire area was filled with different kinds of shops. From food joints, to gift shops, garment shops, repair ask for it and it is there.

From Colaba to Mahalaxmi and even to Bandra....I travelled across the lenght and breadth of the city inspired and awed by its beauty (a blend of modern and colonial feel).

Mumbai is definitely a dream city...a city that speaks of life, that breathes of joy.

Few Pictures depictong the spirit of Mumbai...amazing!
(Clicked by me. So please use after seeking permission or else it will amount to plagiarism)

A gift called Life

Just the other day I heard that my friend died in a car crash. Shocked and devastated, I realized how delicate life is. Well, I always knew how precious life is...but this news dawned on me the realization that life is too precious to waste on petty squabbles, hate, jealousy and various other such ill feelings.

I myself had got a second chance to live...and with this incident, my conviction that each of us should value each and every moment of our lives has become even stronger.

Life is a gift from the almighty...a delicate, beautiful and wonderful gift creating magic that all of us dream of. Where on one hand it has deep roots that makes it strong, on the other hand it is soft as the stem of a sapling that can break any moment if one is not careful.

I feel privileged to have been able to take care of this wonderful gift and preserve it well...what more can I say.

I thank God fo everything...for such wonderful friends, a loving family and everything beautiful that surrounds me.

Here is a four liner that I dedicate to life:

"Gentle as the petals of a rose,
You steal my heart with your beauty,
A gift so divine and pure,
You'r the reason for me to be happy."

Friday, May 18, 2012

Hola to the animal kingdom-Mysore Zoo.

The Mysore Zoo, officially known as the "Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens", is one of the largest zoos in the whole of Southern India. Come here and you will get to see different species of birds and animals. The zoo was built in the year 1892 and is spread across an area of 250 acres.

There are different varieties of birds that you can get to see. Right from the Golden Pheasant to cockatoos, peacocks, there are innumerable birds to be found. Walk down further and you will enter the world of the animals. A whole range of four legged creatures will greet you with their varied sounds and calls. The most impressive ones are the giraffes.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Infosys – A dream

A month has passed since I joined Infosys on June 6, 2011. Getting a job in this company, one of the most respected companies in India and the world, was like a dream to me. I pinched myself hard the day I went for the interview and received the offer letter. I was really not dreaming. It was reality. It was the truth.

Infact, to be very honest, I can't still believe that I am part of this fabulous organisation. Today, as I sit on my chair, I feel honored to be part of this company that has acheived so much since its formation way back in 1981.

All I can now look at is to do well in my new job and acheive success in every feat that I undertake.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Life is a bag full of surprises. Time and again, various instances in my life have confirmed the truth of this statement. Coming third in the Commerce Department of my school in the Class 12 board exam was one those big surprises that life had given me. It was something that just swept me off my feet. That was probably the first day I realised my own potential. It was an achievement which was bigger than any other thing that I have achieved till date.
The next surprise was my being nominated and winning the "Best Speedster Award" while I was working at Compare Infobase Ltd. It was like something magical had just happened. It was nothing short of a fairytale. Still cannot forget the smile on my parent's face.
The biggest surprise that I got was when my sister gave birth to twin daughters. I always had a fascination for twins, and when my sister gave birth to identical twin babies, I was completely awestruck. Probably the biggest surprises that I had got, my joy new no bounds when I saw my little nieces sleeping peacefully in their crib in the nursery.
Tears rolled down my cheeks as I saw the two littel darlings sleeping side by side, eagerly waiting for us to hold them in our hands.
It is these little and joyful surpirses that makes life exciting and fun filled. Many run after astrologers to know what will happen toi them in future. But what's the fun in living if I knew what was going to happen to 5 years from now.
Allowing life to slowly unfold itself doubles our joy and happiness. True, predictions help you be prepared for future contingencies and mishaps. But again, happy events are best left unsaid. Let them get revealed before our eyes in their own sweet time as pleasant surprises.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ice cream at Corner House

Corner House is truly one of the best cafes in Bangalore. I happenned to visit this neat little cafe during my vacations to the Garden City this February, and trust me was I impressed. Known for its wide range of ice creams and desserts, this eatery also serves some of the most mouth watering chaats and snacks.
Starting from paapri chaat to the delicious pav bhaji, eveything that you can think of is avalable at this cute little restaurant.
We ( i.e. me and my family) ordered samosa chaat, pav bhaji and paapri chaat. Though I had my favorite paapr chaat, the samosa chaat attracted my attention too. Not to forget the pav bhaji. Let's me put it this way. I tried little bit of everything.
After having teased our taste buds with these delicious Indian snacks, we sat down to enjoy our desserts. My mother ordered "Strawberries with fresh cream and ice cream", my sister ordered "Cake Fudge", my daddy ordered " Hot caramel pudding", my brother -in-law went for the "Pistachio ice cream" while I decided to try out the coffee and chocolate flavored ice cream.
We all took turns to try out each others orders. But I must say that my mom's order was te best. Juicy and bright red strawberries dipped in soft, snowy white cream really made me smack my lips. All that I can say is that the taste was "heavenly".
I dipped one strawberry in the cream and put it in my mouth after ensuring that it was covered with a generous amount of cream. The entire thing just melted in my mouth. I could feel the softness of the cream and strawberry roll inside my mouth as it slowly melted away leaving behind the flavour that was so sweet. It was simply fantastic.
Having tried this, I went for the cake fudge and the caramel pudding. The tastes were so distinct that it is really hard to forget them. Unlike other shops, where all chocolate and caramel flavoured desserts taste the same, in Corner House each and every preparation has its own distinct flavour. I guess, that's what makes this wonderful cafe famous and a hot favorite among the people of the city. If you happen to be there, make sure you try out "Strawberry with cream and ice cream" as well as the most famous "Death by chocolate". Trust me, you would get value for money and would want to come back to that place over and over again.